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Miss Dance & Dance Master of Great Britain


Miss Dance & Dance Master of Great Britain is a National competition in Theatre Dance. The Grand Final is arranged for June 2023.


The total value of prizes will be in excess of £6,000. The following rules for the Miss Dance & Dance Master of Great Britain events are reviewed annually. 






  1. You must be 16 years of age by 31 May 2023.


  2.  Your performance must not exceed the maximum time limit of 3 minutes.  No play off is                 allowed.


  3.  You will be required to give a complete theatrical dance performance which may include                Modern Jazz, Tap, Acrobatic Dance, Dialogue, Song, Instrumentation, or Comedy (Classical              Ballet, Character, Greek, National are not permitted).


  4.  Either non-vocal or vocal music may be used for your performance, but a vocal track                      may not be used to enhance the natural voice.  Miming to the song is not allowed and the              dance must be relevant to the vocal.


  5.  Whilst we wish to encourage creativity, we do need to be mindful of the wide range of                      audience watching the heats and Finals. Therefore, we ask that your entries avoid                            insensitive subject matter that could cause distress.  In particular avoid subject matter                  that could cause offence such as political, religious or health matters.  Where, in the                        opinion of the judges, this guidance has not been followed it may affect the marks                            awarded.


   6. You must report to the heat organisers at least 30 minutes prior to the advertised time of              the heat commencing failure to do so will result in automatic withdrawal.  You must dance in        number sequence.  Competitors not completing their performance will be disqualified and            not permitted to re-dance.  Competitors may re-dance only in the event of music failure.


   7. If you win your heat, but are not able to participate in the Finals you must inform Mrs                      Sharon Berry, the Heat Winners Co-ordinator immediately by email                                          


   8. If you reach the Finals, you must perform the same dance to the same musical arrangement        as the heat.  Length of routine cannot be altered after qualifying.  Any alternation will result          in disqualification.


   9. Immediately after winning a heat, music for the finals must be forwarded  in MP3 format               IDTA Music Coordinator Mrs J Kirkland,   at email address                                                            or as appropriate.  Music                     sent to Mrs J Kirkland will be transferred to an iPod to be played through the Opera House             Theatre's sound system.  In the event of a technical failure competitors should have a back           up track available on final day on a USB/iPad/iPod. 


 10. For the 2023 heats and Final microphones or radio mics are permitted.  These will only be            provided by the IDTA on the day of the Finals.


 11. To protect the health and safety of other competitors and backstage staff, only small                      properties that can be carried by one person will be permitted in a performance.


 12. An independent panel selected by the Miss Dance Committee will adjudicate at the Miss                Dance and Dance Master GB Finals.


 13. The adjudicator(s) decision is final and no correspondence may be entered into.


 14. A photography/filming ban is in place at the Grand Final The IDTA engages an official                      photographer as well as a videographer for the Finals.                                                                         IDTA engages an official photographer as well as a videographer for the Finals.  The video             footage or still images may be used for promotional/advertising purposes and published by           the IDTA in a variety of formats.  Anyone who does not wish to be filmed must notify the                 organisers prior to the event and they will be removed from any footage.  In the event of                 television coverage, live streaming or production of a DVD recording, all competitors agree             that the rights to any fees from such recording will rest with IDTA Ltd (the organisers) and no       competitors nor associations shall have any claim to the organisers, television company,               video steaming company or DVD producer.

15.  The Miss Dance, Dance Master logo cannot be used without permission of the Miss Dance              Committee.


 16. The winners of Miss Dance and Dance Master of Great Britain are not eligible to enter the              event in future years.



  17. Any choreographed routine that has gained 1st place in the grand final in either Miss Dance           or Dance Master of Great Britain, cannot be performed by any other future competitor.

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